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X of Wands

X of Wands


As we enter the scene of The X of Wands the first thing we see are Ten Wands dominating the Imagery. They rise high up in the air and spread fan-like in all directions. It is only then we notice the bent and hunched man below who is almost obliterated by all the Wands. The man wraps his arms around the Ten Wands and clutches them to his chest. It appears awkward to us, and we think he would be better advised to carry them over his shoulder, but this is obviously the way he chooses. Again we wonder why, because we now realize The Ten Wands are completely obliterating his view, and with his head bent, one would question whether he can see where he is going?


Today we complete our weekly work. It’s been a tough one, but we have a lot of product from our initial toils. Gather all your things together and get ready for the next few moments of rest and relaxation. Be proud of your work this week and all you have accomplished.