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The Empress

The Empress


The Empress is sitting on her throne, wearing a crown of stars (12 in number) which is wrapped in a green laurel. She wears a string of pearls around her neck, in her right hand she holds a small scepter with a golden ball on top. The Empress is sitting on a large red pillow, her gown is adorned with red clover-like flowers. There is a lush green forest, and a waterfall behind her. At her feet is a field of golden wheat. The throne is decorated with a large white heart that has within it the gender sign of female.


All of our feminine powers are going to be called into action today, yes even for you men. Our quiet ability to take charge and control a situation subtly is the guiding force today. Stability is our calling and we won’t be denied. Be fair, but be firm in all your decisions today.