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The Emperor

The Emperor


The Emperor sits on a grey slab-like stone throne. Gone is the lavishness of The Empress, gone are the luxurious comfortable cushions and glorious surroundings. Instead we see a plain, hard and cold looking seat. The only relief or hint of adornment is found in the carving of ram’s heads on the armrests and on each side of the backrest. This gives us very strong clues as to the nature of The Emperor. Here is a man who has no need or want for frills or fuss. A seat, is a seat, is a seat and so The Emperor chose his throne for pure functionality and not style


Today we build on our foundation from yesterday with the Hierophant. Our good judgement is once again called into action as we become the “Father Figure” in decisions today. Get to the point quickly and fairly. Maintain a firm control of your day today.

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