Personal Soul Spa

Every Soul Spa Experience includes:

120 sticks of Chakra Specific Incense
(Holder included)

Essential Oils for Chakra Alignment
(Can be used in bath or vaporizer)

7 Chakra reference book

CD of Chakra Meditation Music

All items shipped directly to you for use during the Soul Spa Experience

Your Experience begins with a reading…

Before receiving your kit, Lady Temperance will do a complete past/present/future reading of your general alignment so you and she can start designing an experience just for YOU!

Now, the healing begins… 

After receiving your kit, we will begin healing and aligning your Chakras. Each day will be a focus on a single Chakra, for one week. Through meditation with music and incense, and using an affirmative chant, your Chakras will begin to breath new life. And do not fear! You only need as little as 10 minutes to accomplish this beautiful alignment.

You will notice a peace and calm as never before. Each day, as we align and cleanse your Chakras, you will feel more and more enlightened. At the end of each week we re-examine your goals, questions, and progress.

Time to gather your questions… 

During the first week is the best time to gather any questions you may have for your first weekly reading.  Focus on general ideas about love, career, family, life, and health. “What can I do…” is a better type of question than “When will I…” when thinking about your goals. As your experience progresses fine tuning of these first questions can be accomplished as events unfold.

Time is Fleeting
Don’t put off for tomorrow what you can begin today!

***Every Soul Spa Experience is 100% Guaranteed.
If you are not completely satisfied, for any reason, you will receive a refund minus any charges for the kit and shipping.***