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Daily Card 04/28/2019

…seen as the Single Woman, the Widow, the Single Mother, a woman who is comfortable being with herself…

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Daily Reading 04/27/2019

Today’s Card is the King of Swords Use your head! Understand both sides of the story today before leaping to a decision. Involve the family, friends, and colleagues in your decision. Be strong in your commitment but be sure to have the whole picture. Now go write that book, or design that dress, or take…
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Reading for 04/26/2019

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April 26, 2019 0

What goes around – 9/18/2018

Today’s card the Wheel of Fortune Harry Chapin said, “All our life’s a circle” and he was correct. You may find yourself on the part of the wheel that is going down, but rest assured that it will soon be going back up! Now is a good time to get educated on the other parts of…
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September 18, 2018 0

Two For The Show – 9/17/2018

Today’s card the Two of Pentacles It’s all about juggling today. You have a lot of balls in the air and it’s best to not be distracted by the choppy seas around you. While everyone around you appears to be in peril, you are in complete control. Smile, dance, and give them all you got today!…
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September 17, 2018 0

Balance – 9/12/2018

Today’s card the Knight of Cups It’s all good. You’re feeling something today that seems a little different. Is there a new love interest that you feel like pursuing? Go for it. Today would be the day. Are you artist? A new painting, song, or dance routine is just waiting to come bursting out! Everything is…
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September 12, 2018 0

Relax – 9/11/2018

Today’s card the IX (Nine) of Pentacles Your hard work has paid off. Time to enjoy the fruits of your labors. In your relationship, you and your partner have worked hard for what you have, enjoy some of it. In business, you’re doing well, you’ve worked hard and your finances are looking better than ever. Slow…
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September 11, 2018 0

Breaking Free – 9/0/2018

Today’s card the VIII of Swords Today you may be feeling a little trapped. Not being able to clearly see what is going on around you has you all bound up. How did this even happen? Maybe the person who owns that castle knows, or did it to you. Step back today and try to get…
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September 10, 2018 0

Celebration – 9/7/2018

Today’s card IV of Wands Today is the day to look at your good fortunes and celebrate your victories in your life. Even the most down trodden of us have some small victory, that today we can celebrate. There are others willing to join in with your celebration. Rejoice!

September 7, 2018 0