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Author page: OwnerLady

Free Tarot Reading for 09/28/2020

Free Tarot Reading for 09/28/2020 Wheel of Fortune This card shows a large wheel in the center, being supported by a creature red in color. Atop the wheel sits a sphinx holding a large sword. In each corner of the card are golden figures, each representing one of the four elements. They are intently reading…

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Free Tarot Reading for 09/27/2020

Free Tarot Reading for 09/27/2020 King of Swords This card shows our King sitting on a throne, he holds one sword upright in his right hand. He is wearing a cloak of purple lined in orange, on his head a golden crown. He sits atop a higher level of his kingdom where he can see…

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Reading for 09/26/2020

Nine of Cups This card shows a man sitting in front of a collection of CUPS, proudly on display. His arms are folded in front of his chest, he is smiling broadly. He sits on a wooden bench, he wears a red hat. He is quite happy. The Goddess presents this card to us today to…

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Reading for 09/25/2020

Three of Pentacles There are three people. They stand close to a stone building that has all the appearances of a church. The young man standing on the bench appears to have been busy chiselling away on the stonework of this building before the other two figures arrived. He may have been expecting them or…

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Reading for 09/24/2020

Ten of Cups The card is bright and glorious as we take our first look. A young couple are embraced with one of each arm stretched toward the heavens. Above them a bright rainbow stretches across the sky with 10 cups across the face of the rainbow. Next to them their two children are holding…

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Reading for 09/23/2020

Ace of Wands This card shows a hand coming out of the clouds holding a single wand upright. In the distance we see a castle on a hill, rich fertile land, a blue stream. Except for this single cloud the sky is clear. The Ace always signifies a new beginning.   A new beginning. The…

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