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Can We Talk?

This is the part I’ve always hated, talking about myself. I’ve never felt all that important or like I really mattered. Do you know what I mean? But, you and I, well we’re okay with each other, right? So, since this is a safe space, I guess I can tell you things I don’t really like talking about. So here goes…

What is most important to me?

What makes me feel like I’ve lived up to my life’s purpose is seeing other people happy and getting things they deserve in their own lives. How many people do you know that always seem to want the worst for you. You know who I mean, right? You have them in your life right now I bet. They run around knocking everything and everyone down, down, down so they feel like they are above everyone. Who needs them in their life, right? Well… I did for a long time because I thought without those people I was going to be alone. It took awhile, but I realized I was very wrong.

How low was low? You'd like to know...

I was in military prison once. But, that wasn’t the actual place I had my AHA! moment. Seems like it should be though right? Honestly, I was only in there for 3 days but, I was on “Bread and Water” for the entire time.  The positive was, I lost a lot of weight during those 3 days. How did I end up there? I was caught with a tiny bit of marijuana but, in 1974 US NAVY views I might as well have been trafficking heroin from Hong Kong. Times have changed, now in many places marijuana is recreational and legal.

My house didn't have bugs, it was one...

I was homeless for 3 years and lived in the back of a Volkswagen Beetle. This was my low point and it was when I had my first AHA! moment. You’ve had one or two of those, right? Think hard. Wasn’t there some time in your life the lightbulb came on and you said, “Why am I doing this thing?” and you changed something? My first AHA! moment came while I was homeless but, wasn’t because of my homelessness.

That Moment When We Say AHA!

It was being crushed under the weight of trying to live up to everyone else’s expectations that caused my AHA! moment. Have you ever survived solely in a way that you thought was right for someone else but, it just didn’t feel right to you at all? Here was mine:

“Would you rather be right or happy?”

For me, decisions were being made to make everyone else happy. But, I was dying inside. I didn’t enjoy going to work, and when I was between jobs I didn’t enjoy looking for a new one. My relationships were suffering, I didn’t feel worthy of people. I was pushing people away without knowing it.

Then one day I was living in a car. A car. I said, “What is happening?? I’m doing all the right things.”

One day someone said to me, “You’re really funny. You should be a comedian” and this thing inside me went “BOOM!”

Yes, I should.

So I did. In one year I was out of my VW and into a condo in Mission Valley, San Diego. I worked as a stand-up for 25 years across the country from California to the Eastern tip of Long Island. It was 25 years of being me and loving every minute of my career. I loved the “Public Speaking” part, meeting people, and along the way I’ve kept others motivated to be all they can be.

It’s my life’s purpose. You, too, can have an AHA! moment. In fact, they happen all the time. One leads to another and another and another. Someone just needs to ask, “What about…” and trigger something inside your mind to uncover it. That’s what I do. That’s why I’m here. I fully believe in you and, together we can find your AHA! moment.

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