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A little about me...

As a certified Life Coach, Spiritual Coach, and Tarot Reader it is my desire to help you succeed. Weekly and monthly consultations can help you see roadblocks you might otherwise overlook which are keeping you from achieving your best self.

By using Tarot, new paths are opened for consideration that might otherwise be ignored. Together we can look at your past, present, and future conditions and find a combination of ideas that can help you solve a problem or overcome an issue to find success in your relationships, career, financial situation, whatever it is.

I understand the position of not being able to move forward. I can be honest and tell you I’ve lived in a car at my lowest point. But I was able to find the way out, and now I wish to help you, too.

So, let’s talk. The first consultation is free so we can make sure we click and you can see how this all works. Head over to the COACHING page and fill out a “Wheel of Life” and I’ll contact you to make an appointment for consultation.

Or, if you want to get started right away, sign up for one of the affordable monthly plans below: