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8th Chakra Readings &
Spiritual Healing
Connection to the 8th Chakra Goddess for guidance in Love, Life, and Career choices
Guidance From the
Spiritual Goddess
8th Chakra connections to the Goddess are the most direct form of guidance in life.
Answers for LOVE, CAREER, AND LIFE can be yours today
Spiritual Life Coach
Tarot Centered
Spiritual Life Coaching will help
find your personal road blocks and
make a plan to overcome them
Free Daily Tarot and Horoscope can be found under the Spirituality Menu
Check the Event Menu for the LIVE Reading Schedule
Certified by Life Coach Training Institute International Association of Certified Coaches
Graduate of KEW Academy Spiritual Coach Program Complementary Therapists Accredited Association


«A Sensitive, In-depth Discussion about Your Potential in Love and Life»
Spiritual Life Coaching can bring a focus into an otherwise fuzzy world. As a certified Life Coach, Lady T will help you understand the power within yourself to bring peace, harmony, and calmness into your being. From daily guidance, to a full spa experience you can be sure Lady T has your best spiritual experience in mind. Contact her for more information on the complete Spa Experience, a 3 month reset of your Spiritual Aura.