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8th Chakra Tarot Readings

Intuitive insights to help guide you toward

Becoming the Best You

If you believe your future isn't already planned and
you have the ability to control your destiny
we can work together to open new channels to improve your

Finances, Career, Relationships, and Self

Benefits Of Tarot Coaching

  • Faster Results
  • discerning your best choices more easily
  • acquiring more complete knowledge about your challenges
  • opening to a wider range of opportunities available to you


  • having more fun in coaching and in life
  • enhancing your inner wisdom
  • opening your creative channel
  • extending your array of choices
Spiritual Life Coach Tarot
Spiritual Life Coach tarot card
Spiritual Life Coach tarot card

Daily Readings

General Reading to guide your choices for the day. For more specific readings tuned to your aura please contact Lady T to reserve a reading session.

General Readings for Members

Weekly Readings

Weekly readings of a general nature for members. More specific readings can be purchased in the store and BASIC or VIP members receive a discount on purchase.
These are NOT coaching readings and are not part of the coaching packages.

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*Memberships are for those looking for general weekly or monthly readings and do NOT include coaching sessions*


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